Getting Ready for the GoGetter Podcast

MUSHWAH is a great word!

Last night @TalkwithGail and @Sherig had a great conversation about turning passion into business.  Sheri had some great comments on what its like to get her arms around her journey.  Here's an example as we were talking about "elevator speeches":

SheriG: "I mean I definitely tried to put some pieces together, but you know what? I almost feel like I'm so focused on like getting the content on the page and getting the site up. I almost feel like when you're in that, MUSHWAH OF TECHNOLOGY....

JMPepper:  "Well, you just provided us great content for exactly what the show is about, what mentoring is about and that word that you came up with.  Beautiful. Never heard it before.  Did you just make it up?"

Did Sheri Create a Neologism?

Listen to the podcast and find out more about SheriG and the MUSHWAH OF TECHNOLOGY!