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We're more than just one person!  These are the guys behind the scenes making it all happen!


JM Pepper

GoDaddy Community Founder & Pro

JM Pepper (aka DrPepper) translated one of his favorite jobs of teaching college into SexySecretsRadio, an online resource center for beginning entrepenuers.

Look around and you'll see an incredible world of what used to be high-tech gadgets now serving as every day appliances. The team at JMPepper.Com is on the leading edge of turning these every day gadgets into practical, efficient, easy to use business tools. That's what our classes are all about!


Gregory Tregre

Owner, Southern Physical Therapy
Building the Small Business

Dr. Gregory Tregre is business manager and partner with Dr. Jan Tregre of Southern Physical Therapy, a ground-breaking pelvic floor rehabilitation clinic in the Gulf Coast Area promoting sexual health and wellness for women and men. Dr. Tregre has also worked in the medical device industry for ...


Kathi Pepper

Owner, Pepper's Parties, Too! -- Boutique Store and Mobile Inventory Sales
"Educationally Entertaining"

Kathi Pepper has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. She has conducted over 2500 in-home shows for women in 20 years, and has recently grown by adding a full retail store.

Kathi's current channel is dedicated RelationshipsThroughTheAges.Com

There is no doubt selling our products is fun, but keep in mind it is also a business. Many party systems, of any sort not just our genre', often neglect the actual training to reap the most profit from effectively managing your inventory. To grow your business, you will need to manage selling a higher volume of products and even people selling products for you.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and business resources with you!


Janice Tregre

Owner, Southern Physical Therapy
Healing With a Personal Touch

Dr. Jan Tregre is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a practice in women’s health as a pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist in Southern Mississippi.  In private practice now for over five years, Dr. Jan partners not only with local gynecologists, urologists, naturopaths and physicians, but also with adult industry representatives to supply and educate the community on pelvic floor health issues and ways to  overcome relationship challenges with intimacy.   In addition to providing exclusive pelvic floor rehabilitation services in the Hattiesburg area, Dr. Jan also specializes in physical therapy wellness services including manual therapeutic massage, personal training, and fitness management after completion of a physical therapy plan of care.


Will Moore

Willy the Squid
First Mentoring Student

Willy The Squid is all all things tech, music, and gaming.  A young Entrepreneur starting an endeavor in small business niche-web design, producing and blogging, has teamed up with JM Pepper to dreate you a truly outstanding development experience.

With a passion for customer service and professionalism, Willy The Squid is dedicated to making your life easier by providing you with the tools necessary for growing your business or brand.



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