Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Building the Mindset.

Who you are, what you think, your personal habits, your attitude, your thoughts and your beliefs will determine the results you get, regardless of what you do in your life. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the best things you can do. It helps you to challenge yourself to recognize, overcome, and change what isn’t working in your life.
As a business owner, you have to quickly come to the understanding that your mindset is your business. It represents the path you’ll take and how quickly you’ll achieve success. The entrepreneur’s mindset begins with your excitement about the success that is still to come. Successful entrepreneurs can see the opportunity put before them and spends hours daydreaming about the success they will achieve and how it will feel when it becomes a reality. It’s what fuels the fire. Without it, the motivation for any entrepreneurial venture will quickly fade.

Many people believe that a successful business relies solely on the business model. However, there is more to it than this. To truly find success as an entrepreneur, you have to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. So, what does having an entrepreneurial mindset entail?

The Spirit of an Entrepreneur

When you envision what an entrepreneur is, you probably think of a hard-working individual, who is smart and knows how to network. Someone that is creative and is able to take calculated risks. They might have outstanding leadership skills and other qualities that make them successful. While these qualities are integral parts of every entrepreneur, not all successful entrepreneurs have these qualities in abundance. The fact of the matter is that some entrepreneurs will lack some qualities altogether while having a wealth of others. So, what is the commonality between all entrepreneurs; what is the one thing that all entrepreneurs possess?


For 99 percent of successful entrepreneurs, they have the spirit of entrepreneurship in common. This means they are unable to accept the status quo. Deep down, successful entrepreneurs are rebels. They are rebels who are unwilling to conform to standards set by others. They push themselves past these set boundaries. It is this spirit that allows them to face a plethora of problems and see the solutions and opportunities presented. It is the same spirit that allows them to rise above the fear of failure and overcome doubts. It allows them to improvise, innovate, invent, and create new paths and businesses, where none exist. The entrepreneurial spirit is the undying belief in one's own ability. It is the resolute belief that we all have a role to play in shaping society through the creation of business solutions for some of life's most common problems.

Most of the qualities that entrepreneurs possess are a manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit. When faced with a problem, entrepreneurs will exercise resourcefulness. When faced with a situation that they can’t immediately control, a successful entrepreneur will always persevere.

As a budding entrepreneur, one thing that you must understand is that the entrepreneurial spirit transcends business.

How to Nurture Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you are continually looking at the world around you and seeing it the way you want it to be rather than how it is, this is your entrepreneurial spirit waiting to be unleashed. This is because at the core of the entrepreneurial spirit is the ability to wonder what's possible.

The entrepreneurial spirit can be boiled down to the six P’s: Passion, Path, Positivity, People, Perseverance, and Productivity. These are the quintessential tools that will make it possible for you to reach your goals and find entrepreneurial success.

Passion, Path, Positivity, People, Perseverance, and Productivity.


Passion is the fire that drives you. It is why you want to become an entrepreneur. It is what gives you the motivation to engage in whatever venture you wish to participate in. It is the need that you have to make a difference in the world around you.

As you set out on your entrepreneurial journey, you need to take the time to figure out what you are genuinely passionate about. When you tie your passion to a business idea, it will help to fuel your drive to succeed. Without passion, you will never find real entrepreneurial success or freedom. In fact, if you start a business that you aren't passionate about, you are no better than the person staying at a job they hate.

The idea behind every successful business is the need to solve a problem. By tying your passion to that problem, you will set yourself up for entrepreneurial success.


While it is your passion that motivates you to work on your business, a path provides you the map for actualizing your business idea to ensure that when you run into challenges and experience setbacks, you will persevere. When you have a path to follow, you will be able to obtain the success that you desire, because it allows you to take impactful action and be productive.

Business success doesn't come easy. When you have a roadmap, taking action is more natural, which results in being able to achieve business success easily.

Your path should detail all the things that you need to do to achieve business success.