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More than likely you have been referred to this page from the GoDaddy GoGetter community. I have created a section within my site to share the resources that I use with other go-getters.

To provide you with this set of materials that fit with how I interact with the GoDaddy community, if you haven't already please register with the GoDaddy community. You do not have to be a Go Daddy customer and it is free. I make reference to many of the posts that I make in the community threads.

Coupons for GoDaddy discounts.

Just follow this link and I will give you access to several really good deals that are going on over at GoDaddy.

30% off new products!


We've recently been asked

the best microphone for podcasting

My favorite by far is the Shure MV5.  It is a USB microphone and certainly lives up to Shure's reputation for quality.


Convert Tool is One of Our Favorites

In our interactive learning sessions this is one of the tools that you will see me use. It integrates nicely into all of my themes, is well written, accurately documented, and it just plain works.

We wish we could, however

Not everything is free -- we have to support the site!  However, what you do have to pay for is outstanding quality.

Will You Build a Site for Me or My Business?

I will show you what I know about building a site.

... so you can use what I know about site building in the context of your business.

The key is the emphasis on you.  Building a beautiful site is pretty easy.  Making it functional requires the site owners to participate to provide content.  I'm writing an entire series of posts on why!

Anyways, I use this theme as the "textbook" structure for many of my activities.  Its WP-Astra.  It works and its easy.  My particular installation adds a few additional functionalities.  Astra is a great platform.