Not Just Websites, Pretty Doggone Smart Websites!

You Have The Passion!

As a local small business you need the best education to get the advantage you need. 

You have the passion to grow and develop your small business. For most, a good solid web presence is a starting point for advertising and setting up shop.  Later, more complex tasks like e-Commerce, automating blog posting, and social media connections become part of the structures.

The JM Pepper Team understands that  constructing your web property and web presence can be a royal pain.  That's why we don't build sites for you, but rather with you. Education in using your tools is the key component.  

We take you through the complete process and provide a resource library, information, and tool set for success.  You supply your knowledge of your business and industry.  Together we develop your web property and presence

It's Not As Easy As It Sounds!

Getting It All Together

Our Educational Content Gathering is a step-by-step guide to "Get It All Together" to construct your web presence.  No matter who designs and deploys your website, this information is the key to your success.  Having it in-hand is keeping money in your pocket.

You benefit by:

  1. Having one central location for all your content
  2. Avoiding long email trails and back and forth
  3. Not worrying about emails getting lost or missed
  4. Allowing you to fill it out progressively when you have time.
  5. Being able to do SOME stuff yourself to save you money and time.
  6. Knowing what to look for as you select a "web master" or other service provider. 

This is one of our key tools!

Using James' techniques and tools we guide you through the process of becoming the expert on your own site.

By taking the time to go through this guide, you'll be prepared to use your web resources effeciently and effectively.  You'll save a ton of time in getting your site ready to launch!

Our unique educational approaches makes you the expert on your web site!

  • When we build a site with you, we supply you with a core set of web property tools to develop your web presence and put your website to work for you.

    How many times have you heard, "If I'd just been told....".  Well, that's what we are here for.  BEFORE you just jump into you web site, get a basic understanding of how it works FOR you!  Avoid getting caught in the situation where your site is working against you.  Our tools are your asset.

  • It  starts with a "front-end" builder an educational dashboard

    it makes it easy for ANYONE to use.  If you've been on FaceBook, Instagram, or any site that has the drag-n-drop, upload pic functions... Essentially, you already know how to use it!

  • We include a complete video training library

    as part of our installation when you participate in one of our exercises that has a prebuilt cart or blog!


Image Management is One of the Keys

to getting your site ready and your brand in front of folks! Our FAVORITE tool is Stencil.  It has templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and custom sizing for a web presentation.

Here's How We Work!

Our Resource Center is Built Into Your Dashboard

Before you have a full scale "web-launch", you'll need to know what you have and how to use it.  We provide a unique url/address for you to learn about and develop your property.  You might consider it an "earn as you learn" process.  As you understand your web property components, you apply the revenue streams/resources to your particular business.

It typically takes somewhere between one and three months to fully construct a web property.  You can minimize that time and put your domain name to work for faster when you're given the right tools and information.  That's what we do.  These are the exact tools JM Pepper, Kathi Pepper, and Willy the Squid use in their web properties and businesses!

When you decide your site is ready to go live, we will migrate your site for you AND we'll migrate your "learning URL" so you can access it all through one dashboard.  JM Pepper is a GoDaddy Pro and an expert on making this set of tools work on GoDaddy servers.  We don't try to be all things to all customers.  We KNOW our installations perform well on GoDaddy servers and that they are properly maintained and monitored.  For now, all of our hosting/migrations are done on GoDaddy servers.

May We Develop a Web Property With You?

"I'm Ready to Be The Expert on My Web Site!"

All you have to do is create your free account.  Once you've authenticated into the resource library, we'll start getting some information and introducing you to our services. 

We have demo's, videos, and activities to show you how it all works.   We will never spam you and share your information with third-party services. Not everything is free and what you do pay for fairly priced.

All you have to do is download JMPepper's step-by-step guide to becoming the expert on your own website. This guide is free and unlocks your access to some parts of our resource library.

Become an expert!